Sunday, August 13, 2017

Golden Day

This morning was golden! As I opened my eyes from sleep I could see the golden yellow rays of the morning sun through my window shades. I smiled as I pulled myself up to greet my day. I knew in my heart that today was going to be a treasure filled with memorable moments like no other day. It was going to be another Saturday that would come and go, to be sure, but THIS day I looked forward to because I knew exactly what it held in store for me. You see, my love is art, gardening, creating and people! All of those things were going to flood my day and I looked forward to being caught in the wave! I have learned to embrace even the dreaded things that come along with the good but it certainly wasn't always that way. In days past I would allow the troubles, problems and glasses of spilled milk to block out the light of my golden moments so I would hardly notice the wonderful memories that were playing out right in front of me.  Whenever one of my children would drop something and break it for instance, I would get angry and fuss at them and send them to their room while grumbling under my breath and sweeping up the pieces. I had missed my golden moment to wrap my arms around them and flood their little hearts with forgiveness and love. I had allowed my golden moment to be lost in my own self-made world. Too many times i miss those moments because i have allowed people or circumstances to stand in my way, blocking out the light of the moment. I needed some light to be shed on my dark, pathetic state! That's when the "son" broke through my clouds! The "son", the "light of the world" ripped the veil of darkness from my heart and eyes and allowed me to see what I was missing. I am a bit sad to say that it took way too long for me to see the treasures that God had given to me in my children and now that I have grandchildren I can see just how many golden moments that I did miss. If I can leave you with any final thoughts of where you are and how you view your life challenges, I would say "stop", "look" and "listen"! In the middle of your stress filled moments, "stop" and take time to think about what The Lord would have you to do, "look" at the person or situation and try to see it through Gods eyes and finally "listen" to what God has to say to you about what's really important in that moment. Don't miss your "golden" moments when they come and they WILL come. They will be what defines you at the end of the day when the sun goes down. Will your sunsets be as golden as your sunrises? They can be! Let the "son" be the light that floods over your face in the morning and let him continue to shine in and through you for the remainder of your day! Your moments will be golden for it! 

Insight Insert: This week I challenge you to "make a golden moment happen"! If there is something that stands "looming" over you like a little black cloud then let's make a golden moment out of it where the light of God shines on it and God is glorified in you because of it! What does that look like you say? Well, if there has ever been a "spilled milk" moment in your life like I described above then take this week and make that moment into a golden one. Go to that person and say " I'm so sorry for my reaction, will you forgive me?" and then watch and see what The Lord will do. You may have been short with someone at work, angry at your spouse or best friend or wretched to your children because you had a stressful week. What ever the reason, take your dark moment and make it golden! The sun will come out and oh how glorious it will shine! 

Scripture: Romans 12:21. "Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good".

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