Wednesday, June 28, 2017

The "Breath" Of A Tree

I truly couldn't put my finger on "why" exactly but I can say most assuredly that I have a mysterious love of trees. Oh, there could be a myriad of reasons from green outstretched boughs full of life that render a shady and cool respite in the heat to the spectacular show of colors that take my breath in the autumn change. Many, many times I have stopped along the road as I travel to just marvel at a particular tree. I do see them as one of Gods wonderful and amazing creations. Trees are mentioned aproximately 56 times in scripture which speaks highly to me and tells me to do what I am drawn to do, 'stop and notice them'! Everything about his creation of trees has been intricately and meticulously thought out by our creator. He made them purposeful, with every part being useful to life, much like he made us. From the design of their expansive root system where their nourishment is obtained to the expanse of their boughs that gives shade to man and a nesting place for Gods creations. Their wood has been cut to fashion everything from an ark to a bowl to hold our food. Homes have been made, furniture to sit on in those homes and strangely enough, even a set of teeth was carved for President George Washington from the wood of a tree. The paper I write and sketch on
is available because of Gods gift of a tree! I could literally write all day and beyond on the innumerable wonders of the tree but I certainly would overwhelm your ability to absorb it all. One very interesting fact that I feel compelled to mention in the big scheme of the glory of God in trees is the balance that our creator designed in them of carbon and oxygen. In the lifetime of a single mature (98-100ft) tree, it can absorb 50 lbs. of carbon dioxide and that same tree can also produce 6,000 pounds of oxygen in a year, which is enough to support 2 people. Amazing! So, are trees breathing? Why, yes, I believe they are! They take in or absorb carbon dioxide and then in turn put out oxygen into the air. We, as human beings, take in the oxygen and then in turn breathe out or expel the carbon dioxide. What an amazing, supernatural and unsearchable thing that our creator has done here!
Recently, a sweet and gifted friend drew a prophetic picture and placed it online. I was immediately taken by its beauty because it looked so very much like a tree. But upon closer examination it clearly was not a tree but an intricately etched drawing of the lungs. In the picture of the lungs she had placed Gods creatures resting and residing. Under her drawing she had written the words to a familiar worship song. . . "It's your breath in our lungs. . So we pour out our praise. . . ". Those lungs were designed to be inside of our wonderfully made bodies and they held the same intricacies of the trees that were outside in nature! MY BREATH HAS BEEN TAKEN AWAY HERE! Oxygen and carbon dioxide in and out; life sustaining branches to allow life to flow and to protect us; He (God) is indeed the air we breathe, the air we take in. The air intake system that he has created had been mimicked so to speak through the trees. God you are unspeakably rich in your goodness to us. Today my prayer must be this:
"Turn my heart to you O Lord. Sow seeds of your Word in humble, open soil and send its roots down into my heart. Send more roots deep into my lungs so that your breath fills my lungs, bringing wisdom. As I breathe out, may songs of praise fill the air all around me. As my heart beats, sending blood to every vital part of my body, remind me of your blood that had given me newness of life and is vital to apply to every area of my life. Amen"
So, here, once again I am reminded why the poet in me holds one poem most dear to my heart. The first line goes like this, "I think that I shall never see a poem lovely as a tree. . . . ".

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