Friday, July 14, 2017

Milk-ee Or Milk-er?


Oh man! I laughed straight out loud when I read this little note online the other day. I know people like that! Truly, don't ask them about their trouble if they just proclaimed it loudly for everyone to hear. You will most assuredly get an earful.. . . . over and over and over again. Each time they think they have someone's attention to their plight they revel in replaying the whole thing. Oh the agony but no ecstasy! If you happen to work in a large office you most probably have seen it played out many times. The "milk-ee" is totally at the mercy of the one who is replaying their story, the "milk-er"! How many times do you need a compassionate "awwww" or a "that was unfair to you" before you feel vindicated in your pain? And, like the note says, was your whole day bad or did you just become a "milk-er" for a problem that took place in 5 minutes? So sad isn't it, to think people are so starved for attention, accolades and affirmation (the AAA of worldly self esteem) that they have to drag others through their muck over and over and over again to make themselves feel better. Here we go again, the "me" pushes its way to the forefront shoving selflessness to the ground and stands center ring in a victory clasp! I pray that I've never been a "milk-er" but sadly I can almost say with assuredness that I probably have been. Let me take a moment to say that if you know me and I've done the milking, I apologize profoundly. It is never my heart to revel in my misery and pain and may I add, continue to do so many many times. It's not Gods heart either I believe. When we spend so much time focusing on the plight or problem we can be pushing ourselves further away from the solution. While we think the solution of milking it and sharing it with others will help us get through, we are sorely wrong. It's sort of like putting vinegar in an open wound. It hurts and stings continuously and we think the vinegar will heal it and make it better eventually. Wrong! "Cast all your cares on ME, for I care for you" says the Lord. NOT others, ME! "The Lord hears me when I call him. . . Search your hearts and be silent". We have such a boundless fountain of "how to get it right" and all of it is laid out in Gods Word. Run to him, pour out your complaint to him, be silent and search your heart and I can guarantee you that if you do that first you will be less likely to defile the eyes, ears and hearts of others with your problems. And yes, the Bible does say to bear ye one another's burdens and having a close friend to confide in and help process your solution can be good but beyond that where it involves many others, not so good. Ultimately when we get it right by running to the only one who can make it right, we will win the day! You can then maybe ask your self, "Was it a good day? Or was it a good 5 minutes talking to the Lord and giving him my problem?" When milking time is over it's time to rest awhile and isn't it a better feeling to know and rest in the one who cares for you better than anyone?

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